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Will LWM2M deliver its promise of IoT plug and play?

A protocol called Lightweight M2M's (LMW2M®) adoption is growing across sectors from utilities to smart cities, helping to ...

IoT data hoarding – are you guilty?

Like the other “things” in life you can hoard, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a playground for IoT data hoarders.

Can you measure innovation?

Measuring innovation is not an easy task, but if you use patent applications as a yardstick you can see that Amazon is miles...

With microservices and APIs, you get what you ordered

The other day I was ordering a new jacket from a popular website. The process was efficient and friendly; I was able to...

How APIs put the mainframe back in the game

The pressures on IT in 2020 were exceptional—and nowhere was it as acute as at the intersection of mainframe and digital...

Why microservices need pessimists

As agility becomes the new transformation buzzword, microservices are having their moment in the sun.

IT called the shots in 2020

IT departments made most of the tech decisions in 2020 and customers were the largest beneficiaries, in a year of...

Treat your cloud strategy like an investment portfolio

The digital world is flat, thanks to ubiquitous cloud services.

When demand goes digital, it’s no accident

When disaster strikes, victims should focus on rest and recovery, not on worrying if their insurance claims are being...

How to find mobile assets quickly

You are on a flight; you are thirsty,  you find the flight attendant…  to be told they lost the drinks trolley.


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