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Sustainability in water supply: Every drop counts

Just 2.5% percent of the world's water reserves is fresh water. And most of this is not available to humans at all.

APIs can bring legacy back to life

Behind every successful business stands a mainframe or a neglected enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform; unloved but...

Lessons from Walmart on IoT data

Imagine you are a large retailer with over 10,000 stores in dozens of countries and multiple ecommerce sites.

Seven things users want from an IoT platform

When it comes to the Internet of Things, users want it all: A platform that can support every step of their IoT development...

Get connected, stay connected

Today, the world is at your fingertips. From your laptop, from virtually anywhere in the world, you can connect to people...

FREE training now available with Software AG

We know that you never want to stop learning - because life never stops teaching.

So, with a mission to make learning fun...

How to make your CFO happy: A 301% ROI

As a CFO, key performance indicators play a crucial role in my daily job. And there is one KPI that really stands out when...

Three steps to enhance Adabas security on IBM Z®

IBM® Z  platforms are known for security, and for good reason.

Data virtualization gives you better insights, faster

Data may be king; but collecting it from dozens of sources – internal and external – and making it available for your users...


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