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Happy Ada Lovelace Day! 

The second Tuesday of every October is Ada Lovelace Day (ALD), celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology,...

Why IoT is not a solo sport

Let’s be honest: Any successful Internet of Things project is a team effort.

conXion: Welcome to a truly connected world

I bet you’d give anything to meet up with colleagues, peers and even competitors to talk, listen and learn about your...

See you at Utility Week Live Online

In the face of enormous change, how do you make your utility more efficient, resilient and – above all – safe, while...

Peak usage = peak holiday sales?

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching. While back-to-school shopping was flat this year, online sales of...

UN International Day of Older Persons

People are living longer worldwide; over the next three decades, the number of older persons is expected to rise...

IoT can get you back to work

 The City of London usually welcomes around 550,000 workers daily. Today that number is closer to 15,000.

Pilot your innovation flight path

It is a pity there is no radar to guide one across the trackless seas of technology… (to paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke).

How to manage your business spending

It’s tough keeping tabs on your daily spending habits—a cup of coffee, take-out for dinner, online purchases, and movie...

Three steps to business resilience

When events threaten to disrupt your company’s future, building resilience into your business becomes a top priority.


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