SAG_Referee_880x440px_Nov20Referees get a bad rap when they call a foul on your team, but let’s be fair here: they also call fouls on your opponents.

Refs are all about regulation, keeping it fair. And above all else, they keep games exciting.

This is especially the case when you have a VAR (video assistant referee), checking on the exact inches of a football on a 5-yard line, or the nose of a horse just a centimeter past the finish line. It’s because of these genius devices that we can know for real who the winner is!

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a replay on the screen, proving your team won a decision (or the opposing team lost!). In fact, VAR ensures any referee call is validated, so in a way, we want that assurance. Regulatory compliance is the same thing. 

 Regulatory compliance

Thanks to new, enterprising technology, regulatory compliance is no longer just about a pesky check-and-balance of guidelines hindering us from doing business — it’s now, in fact, a tool to help keep you on top of process excellence.

Think about it: You have the capability to affirm efforts in maintaining that process efficiency. When you can see you are complying, it’s exciting. It’s motivating. It’s encouraging. It’s reassuring.

This is why the pace of regulatory compliance is evolving into an integral part of the business investment strategy. You want to be governed in this area now, and you have to be if you want to stay relevant and successful. Competition your industry demands it.

But there are obvious challenges

Integrating regulatory compliance is complicated. And without the proper tech tools available for your business, you’ll soon be left behind. Regulatory compliance will continue to be this pesky hindrance, calling every “foul” and aggravating you until you’re blue in the face.

But what are those challenges and how do you address them? There are some obvious advantages Software AG can provide for you in this journey.

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