SAG_Twitter_MEME_Reduce_Jun17.jpgThe venerable mainframe remains the backbone of today’s leading companies, even in an era where new consumer technologies such as mobile devices and augmented reality goggles dominate headlines.

While the speed and reliability of mainframe platforms make them irreplaceable currently, CIOs are regularly seeking ways to reduce costs associated with peak batch and online mainframe processing. One of the most compelling ways to reduce these operational costs is through zIIP (z Integrated Information Processor), a special purpose processor on IBM System z mainframes that exist in most environments today.

zIIP relieves the general mainframe central processors (CPs) of tasks, freeing up general computing capacity and lowering the overall total cost of computing.

Software AG’s goal is to reduce your mainframe operation costs by providing the most cost-efficient application runtime environment on System z family mainframes. We’re doing this with zIIP Enabler for Natural. For customers with a significant scope of Natural workload on System z family mainframes, we can reduce peaks in both batch and online processing. In many cases, our customers have offloaded more than 90% of Natural application workload to the zIIP and gained significant cost reduction, all without any changes to the Natural application. This is an option that immediately saves costs that you should not ignore.

Organizations using zIIP Enabler for Natural are seeing the benefits stack up quickly. One customer, California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS), America’s second largest public pension fund with 868,000 members and nearly $190 billion in assets, is reaping the rewards. Since implementing the product, CalSTRS has realized ROI in only five months, and has saved over $600,000 in the first eight months alone—savings that will continue for the life of the system.  And they did it without making any Natural code changes or modification to batch jobs, reducing risk and minimizing the need for implementation testing.

zIIP Enabler for Natural is part of our Adabas & Natural 2050+ Agenda. 98% of our customers run Adabas & Natural for business-critical applications and we plan on keeping the platform a vibrant part of the developer community for decades to come. As part of this agenda, we’re helping organizations optimize the IT infrastructure by saving operational IT costs.

We regularly bring new innovations and improvements to market based on customer needs. For example we intend to zIIP enable Adabas to further increase the scope of offload workload. And for customers who want to move off the mainframe, there is a path to re-host to Linux, virtualization, cloud and container environments.

When it comes to opportunities for mainframe cost savings, you can’t find many options with lower risk or faster ROI than zIIP Enabler for Natural. Take a closer look today at how this technology can keep your costs down and liberate resources for other IT priorities.

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