SAG_Twitter_MEME_Adapt-fast-win-faster_880x440_Aug19Like the cheetah has adapted to the African grasslands - with a spotted coat (for camouflage) and claws that don’t fully retract (for speed) – your organization must adapt to an ever-changing business environment in order to survive.

To be successful in the future, you need to acknowledge that your industry and market are changing rapidly – and your evolution has to be fast to stay ahead of the cheetahs out there.

That is the purpose of your transformation; recognizing the market opportunities and threads, observe and adapt to competition and agree on a structured plan to transform your business based on (new) strong foundations. It’s a commitment to your successful future. Your competitors are already embracing the change.  So define your plans and deliver against it – in other words, turn your vision into results.

But how?

Join our live ARIS webinar, Transform: Turn your Vision into Results, on September 2, at 2pm CET to see how. We will take a real-world example and show you how this looks like in practice, and show you how ARIS supports a deep transformation of your business model. This requires putting your strategic vision into practice across your operations. 

Simon Olberding, ARIS Product Manager, and Josèphe Blondaut, ARIS Product Marketing , will explain and demo the way to. See how ARIS enables your transformation, extending your strategy to everyone.

The session includes live demo, reference to successful customer projects and a live Q&A.

This webinar is the first of a series of three giving you all necessary insights on how to gain control over your changing business and make it a success! More information here:

Dig your claws into our webinar! You can register by clicking below.


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