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Smart Water Management? It’s about Time.  

Here at Software AG we take water conservation and management seriously, so we have a solution, created in partnership with telco Telstra, to help water utilities better manage their supply.

Rik Gunderson Rik Gunderson

Every day in the UK there are over 3.0 million liters of water lost, largely due to leaks, poor metering and theft; and is enough to fill 1,268 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The World Bank estimates that more than 126 million cubic meters of water is lost each year globally. The cost? Over $40 billion. Therefore, the focus on finding and fixing water-loss events quickly – with minimum disruption – is critical. And not before time.

So, what can be done? It all boils down to taking an intelligent and integrated approach to water loss management. From leak detection to incident management and maintenance, data collected from Internet of Things devices can be the catalyst in a utility’s effort to save water.

Working with our partners at water utilities, Software AG has formulated a platform for growth and is launching a water management solution.

Using this platform, utilities can:

Detect leaks in real time

Deploy the best-suited IoT sensors to collect and monitor data when and where needed. Use a triage process to analyze both real-time streaming data and historian-based time series data and report on leakage severity and environmental impact using geofencing and geospatial referencing.

Act at the right time

Automate processes to direct the right people, with the right skills and right tools, to where they are most effective. Ensure the best equipped resources are at the scene of an incident fast and cost-effectively.

Manage incidents with care

Getting resources to triage an incident in the field is only a part of the solution; our solution also incorporates a structured working practice using rugged mobile devices to ensure incidents are governed for best results, from the moment the resources arrive. API management allows companies to share data securely in real time with all stakeholders across a variety of platforms.

Inform & report responsibly

Be able to report honestly and accurately on improvements in leakage, pollution control and environmental issues. Customize your solution for clear accountability, auditable data, straightforward and open reporting. Advanced AI-assisted analytics improve how you detect incidents, reduce leaks and increase awareness and management of incidents.

Target maintenance for best results

Equip your team to analyze deployments, points of failure, maintenance reports and descriptive analyses to accurately target ongoing work across your complex network.

Here at Software AG we take water conservation and management seriously, so we have a solution, created in partnership with Telstra, to help water utilities better manage their supply. The solution provides them with a quick way to gain insights from meter data to minimize leaks and lower the costs involved with supplying water to customers.

We are excited to be helping create a solution that will address one of the greatest challenges of the next century – the management of one of our most important natural resources… water.

Come and learn more about our Cumulocity IoT Solution Accelerator for Water Management at the 2019 WWT Water Industry Innovation Conference in Birmingham, UK on 5 December 2019.

I, and other industry specialists, will be on hand to showcase our solutions that help reduce energy use, water leakage & pollution incidents, while controlling & automating processes for greater efficiency and compliance enterprise-wide.

We would be delighted to arrange a time to discuss how this is already working in some companies – and showing you how to calculate the savings and related benefits that  we can help you achieve.

Learn more about the Cumulocity IoT Solution Accelerator for Water Management by clicking below.

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