SAG_Twitter_MEME_Two_Become_One_Apr17.jpgOur recent acquisition of Internet of Things (IoT) application enablement platform Cumulocity addresses the fastest-growing technology trend this decade (maybe ever).

As our customers increasingly look to embrace and monetize the IoT, we decided that in order to give them the most flexible, end-to-end solution possible we needed Cumulocity. The acquisition extends a successful existing partnership between the two companies which began in 2015.

Cumulocity, rated as a leading vendor in MachNation’s 2016 IoT Application Enablement Platform ScoreCard, brings cutting edge IoT device connectivity and management, monitoring and visualization to the party. When this is added to our streaming analytics, application integration, API management and process and service automation you can see that our collaboration offers a win/win.  

With this union, we are now the only technology company that can offer a full end-to-end IoT foundation for easily and securely connecting devices and extracting value from their data streams.

Bernd Gross, CEO at Cumulocity, said: “The competitive landscape is growing exponentially. Our focus is to continuously make IoT simpler for our customers, thereby maintaining our number one position, and accelerate our growth. Being backed by a major technology firm reassures our customers that we have the financial stability and gravitas necessary to support big deals.”

The goal of our collaboration is to deliver trusted device data and extract value across numerous industrial environments for remote machine monitoring and control, production diagnostics, predictive maintenance, remote service and across several markets and industries worldwide.

Cumulocity’s origins as part of Nokia Siemens Networks, the world's mobile broadband specialist, gives it the experience of managing networks of millions of devices in a reliable, rapidly scalable and flexible manner. Cumulocity removes complexity and allow the benefits of IoT to be exploited rapidly, comprehensively and securely by all organizations.

So you can see why we chose Cumulocity, but why did they choose us? Gross said: “Software AG has a strong heritage of taking on entrepreneurial companies and supporting them to truly flourish. Think Apama, Terracotta.”

Cumulocity also stands to gain more local touchpoints and support for customers around the world from the tie-up, said Gross.  

Because the IoT and artificial intelligence marketplace is so fast-moving, with new standards and technology emerging almost daily, Cumulocity wanted to ensure the collaboration would not “slow them down” said Gross.

“We operate in a fast-moving ecosystem, our platform changes every two weeks. As part of Software AG we can still remain independent, agile, be capable of growing at a massive rate, and yet be part of a major corporation that can help us accelerate our growth.”

For us, the acquisition of Cumulocity completes Software AG’s portfolio of core Internet of Things software services. These are streaming analytics, on-premise, cloud and hybrid – and now IoT device – integration, in-memory technology, dynamic process management and IoT edge device management.  We all win.

This article was co-authored by Philip Hooker, Director of Strategic Programs at Cumulocity 

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