SAG_Twitter_Future_Hybrid_Integration_Jul17 (1).jpgI’ve been talking a lot about Integration Cloud on our webinars and blogs to get the word out about why Software AG is making great strides in hybrid and cloud integration.

There are many reasons why organizations are moving applications to the cloud – flexibility, cost efficiency, disaster recovery are just a few of them. But not everything needs to live in the cloud; some things such as sensitive human resources or back office apps may belong on premises. But even if your organization only has a few cloud apps today, it’s only a matter of time before you need to face this hybrid integration challenge.

If you’d like to get an outsider’s perspective on how Integration Cloud stacks up, check out this report by an independent analyst firm MWD Advisors, titled: Software AG’s webMethods Integration Cloud: bridging old and new.

webMethods Integration Cloud provides the fastest route to the cloud, including a straightforward ability to “lift and shift” prior technology investments.

The MWD Advisor report reviews seven main features:

  • Web-based, guided development user interface
  • Application connectivity
  • Mapping and transformation
  • Stage management
  • Role and tenant management
  • On-premise connectivity
  • Monitoring and reporting

Neil Ward-Dutton, co-founder and research director at MWD Advisors said: “Cloud integration platforms have significant strategic importance for any organization trying to build capabilities fit for the future. As digital systems and platforms become easier to procure and use, and as changes to business requirements and environments continue to become ever harder to predict, organizations need the capabilities that these platforms have – or they risk sleepwalking towards rigid, fragile business operations.” 

Learn more about webMethods Integration Cloud from this trusted, independent consultant. You can download MWD Advisors report for free below.

Also, you can join Neil Ward-Dutton for the complementary webinar “Building a successful integration strategy for tomorrow -- while avoiding yesterday's mistakes” on July 25 at 10:00 am EDT / 3:00 pm BST. Register here.


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