SAG_Twitter_MEME_Handing_Tech _May17.pngLike relay runners passing the baton, Software AG wants to ensure that we inspire and train the next generations of Adabas & Natural developers, who will continue the race to 2050 and beyond. 

Adabas & Natural has made a name for itself as the go-to choice for mission-critical business applications. Today, we can proudly say that 98% of Adabas & Natural customers base their mission-critical business applications on our high-performance platform. 

The term “mission-critical” isn’t an abstract term for our users. A software development chief tells us that A&N cannot be down for even 10 seconds or his organization’s $300 million fundraising operation would be jeopardized. Another organization’s IT architect has 1,000 users in the office and racks up 50,000 core transactions daily. These people need their applications to perform reliably every minute. They also need to be sure that the reliability and integration they have counted on for decades will be there well into the future, even as they modernize their organizations and IT landscape.

Ensuring that Adabas & Natural continues to be central to your organization’s performance in the years and decades ahead is the reason we’re laying out our vision for the Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda.

We will help to empower your continued success on the Adabas & Natural platform by helping you to:

  • OPTIMIZE IT operations to reduce costs
  • MODERNIZE applications for both users and new technologies
  • TRANSFORM your business and IT architecture to be digital software-driven.

Each of these three planks in the 2050+ agenda requires skilled and visionary talent on the platform. Any platform, Adabas & Natural included, is only as strong as the people using it. So when you think about how much your organization depends on the reliability and performance of Adabas & Natural, and how you’ll take your existing systems into a digital future, you can be sure that your people are a critical component. This includes supporting the diverse and skilled IT professionals that make up your DevOps team, who keep programs running every day – while also preparing your organization for the future where new experts and technologies will be central to your success.

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A core component of the Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda is talent development and cultivating a new generation of experts. We’re excited to be offering a comprehensive Adabas & Natural service portfolio for our customers to support training new talent – and personalized guidance on attracting, and retaining the next generation to power your DevOps team.

To inspire and train the next generations of developers, who will continue the race to 2050 and beyond, users need to be motivated by the opportunity to make a real impact, working on top-priority projects that directly affect business strategy. These developers want to learn from the best. And they’re drawn to ecosystems that offer a modern approach to DevOps, where they can access tools on modern infrastructure with next generation architectures.

How can your organization build the next generation of Adabas & Natural experts? We’ve compiled real-world tips from our community of users to help you find, motivate, and train new developers so you will have access to talent even as the baton passes to the next generation. See their approach to cultivating talent in the Recipe for Success.

Whether you choose to train and retain talent yourselves, or work with Software AG’s expert training program, rest assured there are diverse and comprehensive resources to ensure you can seamlessly bridge the generational gap and build the skills to keep Adabas & Natural working for the years to come.

The Adabas & Natural platform is already part of your mission-critical processes – now it’s time to see how the Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda will help you cultivate the best talent for the next generation.

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