SAG_Twitter_MEME_IoT_Build_Jul18In an ideal world, when you want something to be exactly as you like it you would go out and build it. After all, who knows better than you what you need?

The problem with this plan is that you may not know how to build it yourself. Take a house, for example. If you do not have the skills, the tools or the right contacts, you could end up with just a pile of wood or bricks.  But if you were to buy a house from a known contractor or company, you would actually have a roof over your head and then you could tailor it to meet your expectations.

The same holds true with Internet of Things projects. Do you have a go yourself? Is your IT staff experienced and do they have the proper domain expertise? Will you be able to integrate your systems and scale properly? Will you be able to meet security requirements and adapt to future IoT sensors and networking complexity?

Every week, large and small enterprises talk with us about building their own IoT application enablement platforms. It’s understandable: Enterprises want complete control over their technology and some have enough technology savvy to build their own.

Unfortunately, many of these enterprises build their own IoT platforms and then have “builder’s remorse.”


  • The costs to build and maintain the platform are higher than expected.
  • The effort to provide business units with the desired IoT platform functionality is greater than anticipated.
  • Balancing platform integration requirements becomes very hard.

So MachNation decided to create the industry’s first IoT platform build versus buy TCO calculator. Enterprises can plug-in assumptions about their anticipated IoT deployments and estimate the 5-year costs of each scenario.

And it really is easy:

  • Step 1: Input the number of devices you will want to deploy over the next five years.
  • Step 2: Watch the results change as you modify your assumptions.
  • Step 3: Enable advanced input to tweak your scenario more.
  • Step 4: Press the "Get link to results" button to grab a link to share with colleagues.

Advanced questions to answer include the type and cost of IoT devices you want to use; the percentage of edge capabilities you anticipate; and platform management capabilities – data management, device management or both?

As you click on your responses, the chart below changes dynamically – telling you how much you will save on buy over build – or build over buy.  The page then invites you to click on a link that offers some free insights to help further your quest.

The free resources include:

  • A video series on how to build an IoT solution in minutes.
  • A white paper, Unlocking the Economic Power of Your IoT, shows you how to capitalize on the IoT is to analyze and act on insights in an instant.
  • An ebook: Rapid, Open & Secure IoT, offers information on how Cumulocity IoT can accelerate your time-to-market with a quick-start, open and secure IoT platform.

Click the “Learn More” button to gain access to a range of free insights from Software AG to further support your IoT investigations.

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