SAG_Twitter_MEME_Why_B2B_Integration_Part3_Jan18.jpgEveryone loves APIs; mostly because they are so important for digital transformation and digital business in general. This is why a blog detailing our 2017 predictions for integration and APIs stood out to readers and grabbed the #10 spot of blogs for the past year.*  

David Overos’ blog stated that API management, once the domain of independent vendor platforms, is increasingly being considered an extension of integration platforms. David said: “APIs are how digital products and services are delivered. We will soon see the terms 'APIs' and 'integration' become interchangeable.”

In 2018, companies looking for integration solutions will therefore actually be looking for API management solutions. “This might surprise some vendors who don’t realize that they are merging into a single market category,” said David. “Lucky for us, we see the trend. (I almost said ‘Our A-P-Eyes are wide open.’ But that’s silly.)”

You can read the blog, and the rest of our top ten blogs from the past year by clicking the link below.

Meanwhile, here is a recap of our top ten blogs:

1.    Seven Steps to a Successful MDM Implementation

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6.    Confusion Reigns as GDPR Deadline Grows Closer

7.    Adventure into the Industrial IoT

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9.    You Cannot Run Away from GDPR

10.                    Integrating Integration with APIs


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*If you notice that #9 is missing, it is because it was bundled in with the GDPR Four that made the top ten.

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