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travelbasys: Pioneer of travel data automation

Travel is an essential value driver in the German economy and it feeds a complex ecosystem.

APIs can bring legacy back to life

Behind every successful business stands a mainframe or a neglected enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform; unloved but...

Three steps to enhance Adabas security on IBM Z®

IBM® Z  platforms are known for security, and for good reason.

Data virtualization gives you better insights, faster

Data may be king; but collecting it from dozens of sources – internal and external – and making it available for your users...

Pure-play data integration is a winning strategy

Data comes from and touches every aspect of your organization, and today the need for that data is growing exponentially –...

How APIs put the mainframe back in the game

The pressures on IT in 2020 were exceptional—and nowhere was it as acute as at the intersection of mainframe and digital...

IT called the shots in 2020

IT departments made most of the tech decisions in 2020 and customers were the largest beneficiaries, in a year of...

For the love of Rust

If you are passionate about producing quality software, chances are that you have heard about Rust by now.

Three powerful trends that will transform 2021

2020 can be defined by dramatic change. On every front, from health to economic, political to social, the pandemic has...

A cloud-native future with Adabas & Natural

Many organizations are thinking about the best ways to bring their trusted, core applications into a modern IT landscape...


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