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Can technology transform the store?

Visionaries in the retail industry predict that the Internet of Things (IoT) will dramatically change the in-store...

BANCOR cashes in on operational efficiency

When Argentinian bank BANCOR came to a crossroads in growth due to a lack of operational efficiency, it knew something had...

Deliver RPA performance with process mining

If you cannot measure ROI, you cannot manage RPA projects (to paraphrase Peter Drucker). After all, how can you know if your

Super-fast delivery requires superb operational efficiency

A cutthroat competition is raging in the food trade: Traditional retailers are being challenged by providers offering...

Visibility is key to Tesco’s success

The retail industry is under enormous competitive pressure; Margins are down, and consumer appetite for digital and...

Take transparency to the next level with process mining

If there is one technology topic that has taken flight over the last year or two, it is process mining.

How to make your CFO happy: A 301% ROI

As a CFO, key performance indicators play a crucial role in my daily job. And there is one KPI that really stands out when...

Should IT be involved with your RPA program?

You can manage your robotic process automation (RPA) project on your own... right?

Process mining takes transparency to the next level

If there has been one technological development that has really taken flight lately it is process mining.


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