Explore a truly connected world

conXion 2021: Geoffrey Moore speaks

The biggest mistake you can make in a truly connected world is to be disconnected. But transforming your organization to...

Three ways technology can help reduce food waste

Solving world hunger won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen without equal parts compassion, creativity and innovation.

Enterprise mining after the tipping point

Process mining is becoming indispensable for process-driven enterprises, and it will soon become an essential tool for...

Why process mining has reached the tipping point

Process mining, which analyzes the execution of business processes to identify vulnerabilities, is reaching the tipping...

Process modeling: Yay or nay?

Is process modeling redundant? A necessary evil? Or a blessing in disguise?

Siemens’ journey to better process optimization

How does a global technology powerhouse deliver even greater efficiency, performance, transparency and achieve the agility...

Business transformation: A multi-dimensional chess game

Organizations are a lot like a chess game, move one piece and there is an effect on the others (expected or unexpected).

Keep an eye on compliance with process mining

As you go about your daily personal business you are continually observing and complying (or not) with external regulations,...

Follow the trend map to business transformation

The pace of change is increasing rapidly throughout the economy but finding your path through this change can be difficult.

Can technology transform the store?

Visionaries in the retail industry predict that the Internet of Things (IoT) will dramatically change the in-store...


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