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Creating a business case for process mining

In the days before business process transformation, analyzing corporate data was a time-consuming, labor intense, manual...

What is technical debt?

Occam’s Razor states that the simplest solution is almost always the best. But sometimes it isn’t.

Agile data can leap silo barriers

Supply chain visibility is critical in the retail industry, but retailers must first leap the single biggest technology...

Business resilience remains paramount

Business resilience has become of paramount importance for many companies and industries: Regulatory compliance and ...

2021 highlights: BPM, compliance management and business resilience

Business resilience has become of paramount importance for many industries, particularly after the last two years.

Process mining highlights from 2021

Process mining is one of the fastest growing markets in the IT industry.

It’s a kind of (holiday?) magic…

You know how everything seems so magical at this time of year, with holiday lights and festive songs?

Why hyperautomation is one of the top trends for 2022

Hyperautomation is not just a buzzword (although it is a good one), it is a trend that is about to move from slow burn to...

Alicorp unifies 60 years of processes

Growing your company is almost always a good thing.

How do you make hyperautomation a success?

As hyperautomation becomes one of the top trends for 2022 and beyond, your organization must be prepared to get the most out...


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