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Ada Lovelace: She loved literature, but computers loved her more

This isn’t déjà vu, but how about celebrating the occasion again with the same fun facts about Ada Lovelace, the “First Lady...

Happiness is... when you love your job

As  industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie said: "There is little success where there is little laughter."

Driving purpose and performance through inclusion

I am a Belgian citizen. I was born in India. I live in Germany now, and have lived in England, Finland, and Holland. I’ve...

Earth Day 2021: Tech helps humanity become a part of the solution

Dolphins swimming down the canals of Venice. Jackals enjoying a stroll on city streets in Israel. 

On Pi Day, STEM skills matter

The challenges of the last 12 months proved that the world is increasingly dependent on technology.

On IWD, women challenge the status quo

Dream big. That’s what Sarah al-Amiri did when she led the UAE’s Hope Probe into Mars’ orbit in the first-ever Arab...

Software AG: On track for 2023 ambitions

Two years ago, we started building a future of sustainable, profitable growth for Software AG; today that future is within...

Celebrate the role of STEM women in history

The role of women in technology throughout history is undeniable.

Women have been forging a path in science, technology,...

How to get more women into STEM careers

The theme of today's International Day of Women and Girls in Science,  is the pandemic, and the critical role that women...

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! 

The second Tuesday of every October is Ada Lovelace Day (ALD), celebrating the achievements of women in science, technology,...


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