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The digital North Star for utilities

Planning for technology adoption in utilities involves never-ending cycles of regulation and change, moving as inexorably as...

Oil and gas industry meets self-service analytics

The oil and gas industry has no shortage of challenges – from decarbonization to sustainability and resiliency - and with...

Go carbon neutral with IoT

One of the more famous quotes in the scientific community is “nothing exists in a vacuum.”

Saving the planet with IoT-empowered smart energy

2020 will forever be remembered for two reasons – Covid 19 and the accelerated impact of climate change.

Energy 2021: Who will be left standing?

The energy markets had a rough ride in 2020: Supplies flooded the market while prices and demand plummeted during worldwide...

Telecoms 2021: Disruption meets transformation

Hyper-competition, demanding customers and the continuous need to invest in new technologies will drive telcos to...

A year of black swans for energy markets

The oil industry in 2020 has been hit by double “black swans“– and only through operational efficiency, improved reliability...

Utilities Must Save on Operational Expenses

Whether it’s turning on the lights when you flip a switch, or getting water when you turn a tap, utilities provide the...

Utilities: Sparking Change in 2020

Utilities are the backbone of modern life. Whether it is turning on lights when you flip a switch or getting water when you...

Energy 2020:  Efficient, Visible, Sustainable

Love it or hate it, the oil and gas industry still provides most of the fuel for industrial and consumer usage.


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