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Financial Services 2020: This Time it’s Different

Fear and uncertainty in markets plus giant leaps in technological advances mean that 2020 will look very different for...

What does Freedom as a Service Mean for Financial Services?

At Software AG, we define freedom in terms of our customers. So, what does “Freedom as a Service”’ mean for banking...

Celebrating 50 Years Bold!

I am proud to be a part of the Software AG family to celebrate this incredible milestone.

What you Need to Know for 2019

From open banking, usage-based financing and the acceleration of the Internet of Things in commercial insurance, financial...

Five Ways Amazon will Push into Financial Services

We are in the midst of a convergence of banking and technology companies; one where we are seeing companies like Amazon sink...

Insurance: The First Data Scientists?

Arguably, insurance actuaries were the first data scientists, analyzing mountains of data with which they made decisions...

How Not to Lose Customer Confidence

Imagine you are traveling in Europe and want to use your credit card to pay for a big hotel bill.

2018: A New Era of Innovation in Banking and Insurance

The New Year will herald a sea change in the banking and insurance industries as interest rates rise and the foot comes off...


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