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The spider economy and technology innovation

Large technology companies are growing larger by copying or gobbling up innovative predators. I call this the “spider...

Food for thought – a diet of data?

How many times have you heard the phrase “food for thought?”

How to piece together the IoT puzzle

When first looking at an Internet of Things (IoT) project, you might think it looks cut-and-dry. Then the proverbial rug is...

Is 2021 the year of iPaaS?

With software as a service (SaaS) use in the cloud soaring, adopting best-of-breed SaaS apps has created a huge integration...

For the love of Rust

If you are passionate about producing quality software, chances are that you have heard about Rust by now.

Three powerful trends that will transform 2021

2020 can be defined by dramatic change. On every front, from health to economic, political to social, the pandemic has...

2021 integration & API management predictions

The year 2020 showed that organizations which had invested in digital transformation were the ones that were resilient...

Keep your APIs safe and secure

Every day brings a new headline of the latest big company to fall prey to hackers.

Telecoms 2021: Disruption meets transformation

Hyper-competition, demanding customers and the continuous need to invest in new technologies will drive telcos to...

Is your retail technology agile – or fragile?

Legacy technology could be one of the biggest inhibitors for retailers seeking agility – and agility is essential for their...


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