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OEE: If you measure it, success will come

Small- to mid-sized manufacturers and smart machine makers need a way to better measure overall equipment effectiveness ...

GoExpedi transforms the digital supply chain

GoExpedi likes to describe itself as the “Uber-meets-Amazon” of the energy industry - and aims to do for industrial parts...

How to leverage data in the energy industry

The piecemeal approach taken by midstream oil and gas operators to leveraging their data is often challenged in providing...

Three reasons to create resilient revenues with IoT

131, 95, 83: These numbers sum up the three reasons manufacturers must embrace smart, connected products.

Fixing the supply chain while lowering emissions

A truck drives from A to B and returns empty. This is clearly not economically or ecologically responsible.

Can technology prevent the ‘bullwhip effect’?

The notable shortage during the Covid-19 pandemic was toilet paper. Why? The sudden spike in demand could not be quickly met...

TrendLab 2021: Self-service analytics networking at its best 

TrendLab 2021 will see the coming together of the TrendMiner self-service analytics community to exchange and discuss ideas...

How to lower operational costs for IoT service providers by 75%

With enterprise digital transformation having significantly accelerated as a result of the pandemic, many companies now want...

Reinventing the store: Online will do heavy lifting

This is a guest blog by Written by Andrew Busby, retail writer, influencer and keynote speaker.

Can technology transform the store?

Visionaries in the retail industry predict that the Internet of Things (IoT) will dramatically change the in-store...


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