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Is there an IoT rainmaker in your company?

A rainmaker is someone who brings in lots of business to your company.

Smart connected products must live up to their promise

Smart connected products can only provide a great customer experience if they are truly connected.

Thoughts on Sainsbury’s ‘Just Walk Out’ London store

When Amazon announced cashier-free stores in 2016, I marveled at its Just Walk Out technology with IoT-enabled sensors. I...

How to avoid a bleak Black Friday

The crescendo to the retail year now starts in late October, thanks to the retail industry positioning big shopping days...

Hackathon: How OEE met IoT

There are many reasons to join or hold a hackathon - from learning opportunities to creating some disruptive innovation.

IoT Solutions: Don’t fail at scale

By ensuring high reliability, high quality and resilience for Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, your projects won’t fail...

Can hackathons help solve the climate crisis?

Climate + hacking + marathon = Climathon. If you put a bunch of creative, tech-minded people in a room, and ask them to come...

Software AG receives important analyst firms’ recognition

So far in 2021, Software AG has received recognition in three important evaluations from top industry analyst firms: ...

And the recognition goes to….

…Software AG for IIoT, full life cycle API management and iPaaS!


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