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Come to Utility Week Live Online

In the face of persistent change and - today - with repeated global lockdowns due to Covid-19, your utility’s resilience...

The best laid plans for IoT

“The best laid plans (for IoT projects) often go awry.” I hope Robert Burns won’t mind my edit to his well-known line...

A harmonized future for retail

For many industries, predicting the future during a pandemic would be difficult – if not impossible.

When facing change, agility counts

Change is one of the constants in life. In business, the agility to adapt to that change can be the difference between...

The connection between coffee and IoT

What does IoT have to do with coffee? You’d be surprised: The caffeinated beverage shares some surprising characteristics...

Helping utilities keep the water flowing

Imagine being a farmer in Australia, the driest inhabited continent on earth. It is hot. It is prone to drought; water is...

Best in show: conXion Showcase Arena

One of the highlights of conXion this year is our Showcase Arena.

Disillusioned with smart social distancing apps?

The outbreak of Covid-19 at the beginning of this year gave rise to the frantic development of a whole new range of devices...

conXion: All together now

It won’t be long now before we can all come together at conXion, our digital global event with regional flair.

Why IoT is not a solo sport

Let’s be honest: Any successful Internet of Things project is a team effort.


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