Explore a truly connected world

Connection helps you excel – in biking and in business

I truly believe that when you have a passion in life, you work as hard as you can to make it a success.

What is technical debt?

Occam’s Razor states that the simplest solution is almost always the best. But sometimes it isn’t.

Enterprise architecture: Less is more… still

In summer 2021, Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie (New National Gallery) was reopened after six years of renovation.

Why hyperautomation is one of the top trends for 2022

Hyperautomation is not just a buzzword (although it is a good one), it is a trend that is about to move from slow burn to...

Celebrate National Techies Day

The “star" status attained by several prominent technology experts - from Elon Musk to Tim Cook - is attracting more and...

Quantum computing is not ready for business use

Are you thinking of investing in quantum computing (QC)? My advice is "don’t."

Instead, you should stick to modernizing your...


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