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Can technology prevent the ‘bullwhip effect’?

The notable shortage during the Covid-19 pandemic was toilet paper. Why? The sudden spike in demand could not be quickly met...

Reinventing the store: Online will do heavy lifting

This is a guest blog by Written by Andrew Busby, retail writer, influencer and keynote speaker.

Super-fast delivery requires superb operational efficiency

A cutthroat competition is raging in the food trade: Traditional retailers are being challenged by providers offering...

Lessons from Walmart on IoT data

Imagine you are a large retailer with over 10,000 stores in dozens of countries and multiple ecommerce sites.

Wine-fueled thoughts on reinventing the store

Visiting sunnier climes while travel restrictions are in place might be difficult but some of the UK’s most respected...

A (Suez) crisis of supply chain visibility

As if retailers didn’t have enough to worry about with Covid-19 impacting the supply chain, there is now a serious...

Re-inventing the store

As retailers rush to compete in the online sales and delivery game, the solution could be right under their noses – their...

Can you measure innovation?

Measuring innovation is not an easy task, but if you use patent applications as a yardstick you can see that Amazon is miles...

Is your retail technology agile – or fragile?

Legacy technology could be one of the biggest inhibitors for retailers seeking agility – and agility is essential for their...

A harmonized future for retail

For many industries, predicting the future during a pandemic would be difficult – if not impossible.


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