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Agile data can leap silo barriers

Supply chain visibility is critical in the retail industry, but retailers must first leap the single biggest technology...

Sustainability is the top trend for retail in 2022

In 2022, retailers will be more proactive in gaining customers’ confidence and business.

Thoughts on Sainsbury’s ‘Just Walk Out’ London store

When Amazon announced cashier-free stores in 2016, I marveled at its Just Walk Out technology with IoT-enabled sensors. I...

How to avoid a bleak Black Friday

The crescendo to the retail year now starts in late October, thanks to the retail industry positioning big shopping days...

The new age of retail: Integrate everything everywhere

My first job in retail was in 1979 when I got a job as the “hardware storeman” at Beales of Bournemouth.

conXion 2021: Geoffrey Moore speaks

The biggest mistake you can make in a truly connected world is to be disconnected. But transforming your organization to...

Three ways technology can help reduce food waste

Solving world hunger won’t happen overnight, and it won’t happen without equal parts compassion, creativity and innovation.

Can technology prevent the ‘bullwhip effect’?

The notable shortage during the Covid-19 pandemic was toilet paper. Why? The sudden spike in demand could not be quickly met...

Reinventing the store: Online will do heavy lifting

This is a guest blog by Written by Andrew Busby, retail writer, influencer and keynote speaker.

Super-fast delivery requires superb operational efficiency

A cutthroat competition is raging in the food trade: Traditional retailers are being challenged by providers offering...


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