SAG_Twitter_MEME_Did_You_Know_Dec17.jpgIt’s no secret that webMethods has been there to help you deliver significant business value through your systems integration.

And it has not stood still; over time we have infused webMethods with exciting new capabilities that help you take your integration platform to the next level. Your digital business is hardwired for growth;  so now you need to get a grip on your APIs. Additionally, you need to integrate AI, IoT and chatbots, while adopting devops. To deliver these innovations you would like to lift & shift your integration infrastructure to the cloud, and propel your apps into the digital sphere.

Did you know you can do all of these things with webMethods?

  • Microservices: Scale to your heart's content, use multiple programming languages, make changes dynamically, deploy and scale modular integration services as needed by your applications.
  • Lift & Shift: Package up existing webMethods integrations, using containers like Dockers, and redeploy them into the cloud to speed up your cloud migration.
  • Devops: Unify your software development and operations activities, combining local development and automated testing to facilitate continuous integration for faster delivery.
  • Big Data: Ingest, refine and deliver Big Data in order to parse, sort and analyze it with speed and scalability to operationalize Big Data initiatives.
  • Bi-modal IT: Quickly build applications - within your existing IT framework - that truly differentiate your business. Enable developers of all backgrounds to connect and assemble integrations.
  • APIs: Seize control of your APIs from end to end with API management that accelerates your API programs. Expose your data and services via APIs to build an ecosystem to create new revenue streams.
  • Dynamic Apps: Create powerful business applications based on orchestrated, managed and monitored end-to-end business processes and workflows. Deploy low-code and robotic process automation (RPA) to reduce the cost of building and using the apps.
  • Streaming Analytics: Harness real-time data to evolve your organization from one that reacts after an event to a proactive event-driven model; get real-time insights and respond immediately to market conditions.
  • Machine Learning: Integrate ML with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to create new products and services that amaze customers and keep competitors at bay.
  • Internet of Things: Create new business services and revenue streams using “Things” and integrate them into your business processes.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Create your own hybrid workforce comprised of man and machine with software robots doing the heavy lifting on administrative, repetitive and monotonous tasks.
  • Cloud Integration: Moving to the cloud? Go hybrid.  webMethods Hybrid Cloud Integration allows you to blend your cloud apps with your on-premise, enterprise-class applications to ensure all your critical business processes are in sync.

I bet that these are all things you didn’t know about webMethods. Visit our brand-new webMethods Innovation Hub to learn more about what we can do.     

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