Keep your APIs safe and secure

Join us for a special edition webinar, Dec 17, 2020 showing how to quickly secure APIs and create a seamless integration between development and security.

Anna Birdsall Anna Birdsall

Every day brings a new headline of the latest big company to fall prey to hackers. Retailers, school systems, tech giants – no one is immune – but there are certain precautions and steps you can employ to remain safer than most and reduce your chances of becoming the latest victim.

Enterprise security and compliance groups are mandated to perform periodic penetration testing (pen-tests) of their applications as required by industry standards like SOC, HIPAA, PCI, NIST, GDPR, CCPA, and FedRAMP. Such penetration tests typically take months to complete and are a highly manual and expensive process. As a result, organizations generally prioritize pen-tests on the most critical applications, against the most common attack vectors.

But what if you could automate pen-testing – making it continuous and comprehensive while providing critical visibility into application vulnerabilities – before production?

With no tuning or training, you could automatically create and run thousands of attack scenarios against APIs, filing issues with ticketing systems, and producing compliance-ready pen-test reports.

To achieve this, Software AG has partnered with security experts APIsec to bring you a comprehensive, modern security solution for your APIs. APIsec integrates with API gateways and platforms, and with CI/CD frameworks to automatically test new code in real-time, enabling the automatic discovery of security zero-day vulnerabilities, business logic faults, and RBAC issues.

The best part? Everything is done automatically; in fact, APIsec is the industry’s only 100% automated and continuous API security testing platform that eliminates the need for expensive, infrequent, manual pen-testing. It produces certified and on-demand penetration testing reports required by the compliance standards, enabling enterprises to stay compliant at all times at a fraction of cost.

Want to see how?

Join us for a special edition webinar on December 17, 2020 where we will show you in a live demo how to quickly secure your APIs and create a seamless integration between development and security using your existing systems and processes. You will learn how to:

  • Automate API testing and discover vulnerabilities
  • Eliminate manual pen-testing
  • Increase security coverage and reduce costs to your business
  • Implement best practices for integrating API testing into CI/CD pipelines

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