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Plan for change in an unpredictable future

Here’s a quiz: What do these five things have in common?

Mittelstand: The key to German economic recovery

Technology is the foundation for business resilience, as demonstrated by the Mittelstand in Germany this year.

Store technology climbs out of the trough

Real-time store Internet of Things platforms are climbing out of the hype-cycle “trough of disillusionment” as stores...

2020! But on the bright side…

The pessimist says, "Things can't get any worse."

The optimist says, "Oh yes they can."

Worker Health and Safety: Never More Important

Have you had the sniffles or a sore throat in the past six months and worried that it was “the virus?” I imagine most of you...

Facing an uphill battle with business transformation?

Imagine how many CEOs and Directors must throw their hands up in frustration when they see countless transformation...

Doing good makes you feel good

Charity is a powerful thing; by helping others make their lives better, you feel empowered yourself.

Jump on the direct-to-consumer bandwagon

The direct to consumer craze is forcing brands to become logistics companies, handling everything from fulfillment to...

Building the TrendMiner self-service analytics tribe

Get some hands-on experience with self-service analytics at TrendLab, TrendMiner’s yearly user event on September 15th, 22nd...

The birth of the Internet

On August 30, 1969, the first building block of the Internet was born; a month later the first message was sent.


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