APIs drive digital business

API programs are increasingly becoming mission critical for your digital business strategy; join our webinar to find out more.

Charlie Greenberg Charlie Greenberg

Do you remember the old cable TV channel guide?  The one using a scroll-down, near monochrome, tabular listing of current available series, sporting events and new-release movies? 

Do you recall how long it took you to sift through that guide to find something you might actually enjoy watching?

To quote from almost any film populated by Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci characters: “Fuggedaboutit!”

Enter the smart TV, whose homepage provides a smorgasbord of API-driven menu-options. Utilizing embedded machine learning, the smart TV offers an accelerated entertainment selection process, categorizing digital entertainment offerings by what’s new, what’s popular and what you – based on previous viewing habits – might like to see.

API Management

Smart TVs are only one popular and exciting example of API deployment. APIs, after all, are application agnostic and are used freely and creatively to expose data and services in web apps, mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and other touch points.  

API programs are increasingly becoming mission critical for your digital business strategy. That’s why managing the security and lifecycle of your APIs is so important – and why we’d like to invite you to a webinar that shows you how to:

  • Quickly create and deploy APIs
    • Engage with your developer community to gain adoption and improve your APIs
    • Manage your APIs as products
    • Safely and securely expose your APIs
    • Manage the entire lifecycle of your APIs

API’s are driving your next customer experience by enabling the discovery of new products and services – and in some cases providing a unique buying experience.

There are many reasons why Software AG is Ranked “Leader” in API Management.

Please join David Overos, senior director for webMethods, to learn more.

To register for this webinar on April 29 at 8:00am ET, please click here. To attend the 2:00PM event, please register here.