The spotlight stays on APIs and microservices in 2021

Top API and integration stories from last year with trends that continue to reverberate throughout 2021.

Ann Marie Bond Ann Marie Bond

APIs will continue to grab the spotlight on center stage this year, with microservices waiting in the wings to perform as co-star.

Adoption of APIs is set to rise further in 2021, with 58% of executives making the API economy a top priority for their organization.

Around 20 years ago APIs gave birth to a more connected world; one where you could connect, communicate, share and innovate – with each other, with developers and with customers. Last year proved that the organizations that invested in digital technologies such as integration and APIs were the most resilient.

Here are some of our top articles from last year:

2021: Integration and API management predictions

From low-code application platforms (LCAP) for “citizen” developers, to embedded integration and service mesh technology, integration, APIs and microservices have suddenly become the most interesting elements in digital strategy plans for 2021. APIs can help you create new opportunities and revenue streams that open the door to a world of new possibilities for your business.

With APIs, hope is not a strategy

Can your company quickly scale up to a digital environment and add anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 new users a day? Many organizations cannot, and they are falling by the wayside. The problem? Agility. An agile organization can respond to events, turn on a dime, direct more activity online, or change supply chains to manage inventories – through APIs and microservices.

Take control of microservices with AppMesh

As monolithic applications lose their shine, the trend toward microservices has taken off. Three-tiered monolithic architecture is clunky; if any one piece of functionality needs to change, the entire system must undergo a release cycle. Microservices make it easier to adapt quickly but they are not a silver bullet. Service mesh technology is essential, but incomplete. Enter AppMesh.

webMethods AppMesh: A brilliant idea

At a Software AG “tech interrupts” meeting in 2019, our product engineers came up with a novel idea: Make it easier to deliver digital products in a cloud environment. They came up with AppMesh, the microservices nerve center that adds application context. You can create rules that control how an application behaves without changing individual microservices. It is the powerful and logical next step for cloud-native business applications.

Those were just some of the top stories from last year with trends that continue to reverberate throughout 2021.

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