AXA Cooperative Insurance: API-led transformation success

Saudi Arabia insurance provider leveraged webMethods to grow and evolve with the demands of its industry.

Romana Kurtova Romana Kurtova

AXA Cooperative – one of the largest insurance providers in Saudi Arabia – saw that in the cutthroat insurance marketplace IT demands and new regulations threatened its rapid growth. IT systems couldn’t keep up. The need for digital transformation was clear.

The Software AG API-led difference

Two key factors played a role in AXA’s decision to go with a leading platform in the realm of APIs and API management: the platform’s unmatched capabilities, and Software AG’s track record of excellence. But above all, trust. AXA Group already utilized webMethods at its headquarters in Paris. AXA then benefited widely from webMethods’ scalability and mapping capability. The speed of Universal Messaging and the API Gateway meant creating APIs, and exposing them to external partners, would be remarkably fast, secure and simple. For a growing company, that was the priceless benefit.

“In today’s insurance marketplace, APIs have the power to make or break a business…. When insurance aggregators are generating quotes, they call in APIs from different companies. If your API response time isn’t fast, your quote might not even show up – and your sales will suffer,” said an IT Senior Architect Manager from AXA Cooperative.

Maximizing the investment

The positive takeaways kept coming though. Thanks to API connectivity, AXA Cooperative is able to share data in real time with three key government agencies:

  • Najm – the national traffic agency, which keeps records of accidents
  • The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance – which oversees all nationwide health policies
  • Elm – the information security body, which tracks key vehicle safety data

Additionally AXA’s visibility grew – bringing in new customers, improving customer engagement and in turn driving new business forward. Even its IT benefited while growth and expansion increased, freed from onerous manual information sharing. IT was empowered to then focus on improving AXA’s back-end and customer-facing processes.

“webMethods makes our architecture incredibly flexible,” the architect manager says. “We’re able to reuse and reconfigure APIs in so many different contexts, it’s easy to make changes when we need to. And it also gives us peace of mind our integrations are secure.”

Looking toward the future of digital transformation

What’s next? Improving the customer experience, building even more trust in the brand and the solution.