Is it Time to Move Your B2B Integrations to the Cloud?    

Introducing B2B 11, a cloud platform streamlining partner onboarding, self-service, data governance, archival, and secure file transfer to enhance B2B integration and collaboration

Fatima El Megrabi Fatima El Megrabi

B2B integration may not be the first type of integration you think of when hearing the term, but you’ll be hearing more and more of it in the coming years. The reason for that is simple—traditional B2B integration platforms are reaching end-of-life after serving a crucial role for decades. Now, companies need to re-think their B2B integration strategies, and naturally, cloud is part of the equation. Just like partners, cloud and SaaS services are a critical part of every digital business today. However, you’ll be surprised to see how limited the options are when it comes to B2B integration in the cloud.  

This is what makes the new B2B 11 so exciting. We launched this cloud-based platform back in 2019, and today we’re particularly proud to see it as advanced and mature, a key part of a Super iPaaS, just 5 years later.  

The latest B2B comes with powerful enhancements around partner self-service and partner onboarding, enabling you to reduce B2B integration complexity and total cost of ownership (TCO), regain control over partner data and more importantly—do business with partners better.  

Let’s get into the details of why the new B2B is worth your attention.

Partner onboarding for improved productivity

Your B2B partner onboarding process can make a big difference to your partners. It’s your opportunity to make a good first impression after signing a new partner deal. You must be strategic about it as a lot can go wrong at this very early stage. The good news is you can mitigate most of the risk with the right B2B integration platform.  

The sophisticated partner onboarding portal in B2B is built to help you do this. You can create and brand a portal for your partners, assign them roles, and send out email invitations to let them onboard on their own when they’re ready.  

For partners with unique requirements, you’ll be able to create a custom questionnaire in the partner onboarding form and protect your environment by setting a secure partner password policy as part of the process.

Self-service for better governance

Improve governance and regain control over your B2B data with the rich self-service capabilities in B2B 11. Maintaining B2B trading partner profiles requires careful planning, coordination, and management along with technology to automate and streamline the process.  With unique data requirements, different systems and formats, security requirements, data privacy, and complex processes for approval and validation, it demands a high investment in resources. This is time your employees could spend doing something more productive. 

For those items that can be maintained by the partner, it makes sense to enable self-service. For purchase orders, invoices, security certificates, and other key business documents, partners can now make updates 24/7 with granular role-based access. Improving stability in partner transactions while conserving internal EDI resources?  Yes please! 

In addition, you can also view details of various partners using a multi-partner view. This way you can assign multiple trading partners to one user, allowing a simple view for complex trading partners.

Make decisions based on historical B2B data

Auditing is a key aspect of B2B when SLAs are part of the relationship. With the new archival capability in B2B, businesses can have a long-term picture of partner interactions and retain B2B transactions for up to 10 years.  

This will enable you to simplify decision-making based on historical data to improve your future B2B business.

Transfer B2B documents with peace of mind MFT is the reliable file cloud-based transfer solution paired with B2B. It provides guaranteed delivery of critical files across multiple protocols (even streaming) in secure and encrypted form. Users can schedule, track, and alert exceptions while enjoying quick and secure B2B documents transfers.  

With the latest MFT 11, all files are now scanned automatically to verify that they contain no potential threats.

Experience B2B in the cloud today.

Is it time to move your B2B integrations to the cloud?

Experience heightened productivity, agility, and governance with the new B2B. Say goodbye to manual errors in the cumbersome trading partner creation process. Foster mutual trust and collaboration with your partners from the outset, empowering you to maintain control over partners and ensuring timely accuracy of profiles and communication channel preferences.