The brains for your digital backbone

Build analytical data and insight into the fabric of your digital backbone with StreamSets.

Dr. Stefan Sigg Dr. Stefan Sigg

Data and analytics used to be separate from business applications and processes. Today, integrating analytical data into applications and processes is a way to take a leap forward in the digital transformation race.

In my last post, I discussed the need to run your business better, faster, cheaper and more efficiently as part of the race toward digital transformation. It takes the melding of transactional, IoT and process data to build the digital backbone that makes digital business building possible. This type of integration, which Software AG excels at, is akin to the connected system of well-trained muscles, tendons and bones working together in a trail runner.

But winning a trail race also requires a lot of the runner’s brain power combined with their years of experience to navigate uneven and unknown terrain, react to the competition and adjust to rapidly changing conditions in real time. In other words, the brains connected to the backbone are critical for the win.

In a business, gathering and synthesizing the data across a business to yield real-time insights is the “brains” behind digital transformation, and Software AG now features best in class capabilities for doing just that with the newest addition to our product portfolio, StreamSets.

Mind over with matter

The old saying “mind over matter” requires updating. Many therapists today work with people to align their minds with their bodies, where mind and body work together in harmony rather than being treated as separate things, with one treated by a medical physician and the other by a psychologist.

In the world of technology, data and analytics used to be separate from business applications and processes. Now, it is clear that integrating analytical data into applications and processes is a way to take a giant leap forward in the digital transformation race.

I had the opportunity to speak with many Software AG users while at our International User Group in the Netherlands recently, and I learned of many real-world examples where embedding analytical data into a business process flow is enabling companies to create whole new product offerings, personalize the customer experience in real-time, and mitigate cyber threats. As all four key types of integration come together– application, process, IoT and data– the potential for the connected enterprise is nearly limitless.

The data and analytics ecosystem

As critical as data integration is to this digital race, there are equally important components that make up the needed “brain power”. The leading cloud data and analytics platforms, which provide the heavy duty processing power to store and analyze exabytes of data, are essential. That is why we are honored to partner with companies like Snowflake who are leaders in this space.

One of the new product features that has been just released by StreamSets, Transformer for Snowflake, is going to accelerate both the building of more brain power for connected enterprises. StreamSets integrates data from all over the enterprise to Snowflake, like nerve endings feeding into the brain. And now, like the frontal lobe organizes information in the brain, Transformer for Snowflake helps Snowflake users transform, synthesize and conform the disparate data natively on Snowflake Data Cloud using Snowpark. This means insights can be delivered to the business faster than ever before.

Going forward, we see tremendous potential to combine the capabilities of webMethods, StreamSets and Snowflake to enable an important new use case– reverse ETL. This has become important as data clouds like Snowflake have increasingly become the new system of record and the correlated, synthesized data that now resides in Snowflake needs to be pushed back into operational business applications. This is where mind meets with matter– melding analytical data and insights back into the real-time business operations of a company.

Cleanse and conform data on the cloud with Transformer for Snowflake by clicking below.