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Effective data integration keeps water flowing

Join WWT and Software AG on June 4th at 2.15 -3:00 pm (UK time) for this free, highly topical event for anyone looking to introduce a smart water system.

Rik Gunderson Rik Gunderson

The water industry stands to reap nearly limitless benefits from the Internet of Things (IoT).  

Water companies face tough challenges ahead: Water availability and quality, environmental concerns and de-carbonization of their operations are all areas the industry is trying to navigate – and improve its performance.

At the same time cost pressures are growing, and water and wastewater services must remain affordable.  Water companies will need to use their assets to the maximum. That means leveraging the data at their disposal to help predict performance, contain leaks, and better serve customers. 

Traditional assets – from water meters to pipes and reservoirs – will have to be transformed so that companies can use the sophisticated analytics capabilities that come with IoT and modern machine learning. Insights and opportunities from IoT will help them react faster, better and with less expense.

But IoT does not operate in a vacuum, it needs integration.  Gartner said that 50 per cent of the cost of an IoT project is in integrating the data to ensure it has value. Integration is essential for data to be rapidly, safely and securely shared with the people, systems and applications that would benefit from it.

Software AG, in association with WWT, are running a webinar to examine how utility companies can improve performance by implementing a data integration strategy that understands “context” to create a genuinely Smart Water Network.

Speakers from Software AG, product manager Dave Pemberton and IoT account executive Nigel Harley, will discuss how – by integrating and analyzing data quicker and more effectively – water companies will be able to:

  • Use remote monitoring and visual self-service analytics for predictive performance
  • Make better use of data to tackle water leakage and supply disruption
  • Sweat existing and new assets by integrating devices and sensors
  • Better serve customers, regulators and other stakeholders through transparent sharing of water-related data

We would be delighted if you could join WWT and Software AG on June 4th at 2.15 -3:00 pm (UK time) for this free, highly topical event that will provide help and guidance for anyone looking to introduce a smart water system.

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