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Next-level enterprise integration with StreamSets

With the addition of StreamSets, you can take your enterprise integration (and your business) to the next level.

Sanjay Brahmawar Sanjay Brahmawar

In business—just like in sports—every so often something comes along that catapults the status quo to a whole new level.

I’m a cycling enthusiast, and one example that comes to mind is something that transformed cycling: the derailleur system. It allowed cyclists to double their range of gears by shifting their chain between a set of sprockets—all while pedaling! This was a game-changer because even in the early days of the Tour de France, riders had to stop, get off their bikes, and flip their back wheels to change gears for the steep mountain climbs.

The introduction of the derailleur system in 1937 was an exciting milestone for competitive cyclists—it literally changed competitive cycling.

And today marks a similar exciting milestone for our customers – because the acquisition of StreamSets will catapult our customers’ businesses to a whole new level. Our industry-leading smart data integration platform empowers our customers to turn their data into value… so they can grow, compete, and win against their competition!

A complete integration platform has four main pillars, and Software AG solutions fulfill the first three: application integration and API management with webMethods, IoT device integration with Cumulocity IoT, and process integration with ARIS.

StreamSets completes the portfolio by providing the fourth pillar: data integration. For our customers, the sum is greater than the parts—the combination of StreamSets with our organically transformed portfolio gives them a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Why am I so excited about this acquisition? Because it’s proof-positive we’ve kicked off our strategic M&A program on the right foot by acquiring a fast-growing, breakout business from Silicon Valley. With the addition of Girish (read his blog here) and Arvind—two Silicon Valley superstars—our most valuable asset, talent, just became a lot more valuable!

This acquisition strengthens our US west coast presence, supports our culture of innovation, and strengthens our North American business. We now have a strategy that leverages the strengths of both companies’ technical and go-to-market talent.

But more importantly, I’m really excited about what this acquisition means for our customers.

StreamSets complements our expertise with StreamSets data integration platform. Now together, we provide our customers with the technology they need to complete their digital transformation to become a truly connected enterprise. By adding this technology to our offering, our customers will now spend less time managing and problem-solving and more time extracting the value from their data, with analytics and AI.

It will also give them full visibility into their data through a single, easy-to-use user interface with more than one hundred out-of-the box connectors to systems and data stores like Azure, AWS, and Snowflake so they can have data pipelines up and running in no time.

Software AG is now a strategic partner for both application and data integration. Our technology can now combine, split, and manage data from multiple sources faster than ever. And the StreamSets Control Hub offers a single SaaS platform to design, deploy, monitor, and manage smart data pipelines at scale on any cloud and on-premises. With StreamSets, we’ll help our customers make smarter decisions so they can compete in today’s ever-changing world. You can read more about that in our CPO Stefan Sigg’s blog here.

Just as the derailleur gave cyclists the ability to easily climb hills, StreamSets gives our customers the digital backbone that simplifies the integration of data applications in the cloud, empowers streamlined processes, and connects technology more effectively – so they can grow, compete, and win!

I’m asking my leadership team to join me in welcoming the StreamSets team and celebrate these outstanding colleagues who have built such an impressive track record of innovation and success. We’re excited to start working together to grow our business and help our customers leverage their data for a smarter tomorrow.