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Find the business value of IoT

ROI anyone? 80% of organizations that implemented IoT have seen greater value than expected, according to Gartner.

Jon Weiss Jon Weiss

Around 80% of organizations that implemented the Internet of Things (IoT) have realized greater value than expected, according to Gartner.

And, IoT adoption has accelerated faster than expected during the pandemic, with expectations to getting return on your investment shortening from three years, to 6-18 months.

But most companies are still at the early stages of their implementations and are looking at how to scale it up for their business. According to Al Velosa, Vice President Analyst at Gartner, only 15% of enterprises have two years’ experience of doing IoT at scale.

In a webinar (link below), I asked Gartner’s Velosa why businesses invest in IoT. He focuses on key areas that will make your IoT more impactful- and an integral part of the business that generates true value.

In the webinar I talk about the business drivers and impacts, that range from improving production quality, to reducing your carbon footprint and creating innovative products and services. And I outline five steps to success with IoT, starting with device connectivity and going far beyond that, to provide even more value.

For example, by adding IoT analytics businesses can stop issues before they become a problem. This leads to a better customer experience, higher product quality and productivity and ultimately greater business success.

Watch the webinar by clicking below to hear what Gartner says about delivering IoT solutions with business impact and fast payback. Find out how to scale IoT and get the value that your business expects.