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FREE training now available with Software AG

Your success is our mission; Software AG is offering FREE training for our customers, partners, and the developer community.

Dr. Stefan Sigg Dr. Stefan Sigg

We know that you never want to stop learning – because life never stops teaching.

So, with a mission to make learning fun and free, Software AG is investing in product enablement and training for our customers, partners, and the developer community.

We call it the Learner’s Journey, and it provides a simple approach to finding the training that is best suited for you, based on where you are in your journey with Software AG.

There are four stages in your journey:

  • Awareness: Product capabilities and the business problems they solve.
  • Evaluation: Focused on helping you to evaluate our products. Courses come complete with hands-on exercises, a quiz with opportunities to earn a Digital Badge and a free lab for cloud-based products.
  • Onboarding: Preparation for first project including professional level certification.
  • Continuous learning: Hone skills and expertise with delta training, optional product capabilities, best practices from PS, tips and tricks from Support, and more

Self-paced training is FREE: Giving you the freedom to train when you want and where you want. Self-paced training supports you throughout your journey, providing pre-recorded instructor lectures, product demonstrations, exercises and solution sets.   But if you prefer live instructor-led training, it can still be arranged with our Professional Services on a fee basis.

Product Badges: You deserve recognition for completing a course, and now you will receive it with two digital product badges – “Associate” and “Professional,” giving you the opportunity to build your own personal brand

Start your learning journey now. Because, as Benjamin Franklin once said, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

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