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Pilot your innovation flight path

Flying blind in the world of technology can lead to failure. You need a trusted advisor to help you pilot your way through the fog – Technology Radar.

Burkhard Hilchenbach Burkhard Hilchenbach

It is a pity there is no radar to guide one across the trackless seas of technology… (to paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke).

Put another way, flying blind in the world of technology can lead to failure. What you need is a trusted advisor to help you pilot your way through the fog.

As a technology company, Software AG is continuously evaluating emerging trends and technologies – both to see how relevant they are to the world… and also to us. So, we wanted to share some of that knowledge with you. This is why we have launched the Software AG Technology Radar, with a format inspired by ThoughtWorks, to share our thoughts and opinions. These are our opinions, so feel free to disagree – we want to engage in discussion with you!

Our radar evaluates current technologies and gives recommendations about their use.  We discuss the technology’s relevance with regard to IoT and integration, and also evaluate the current and future market situation. This focus and level of detail sets our technology radar apart from the others.

Technology radars are by nature opinionated guides. In a world of continuous hype and exaggeration, we try to get down to the core value proposition, and we are not shy to give a cautious rating for technology if we are not convinced yet that it lives up to the promise. And we want you to weigh in.

Adoption outlook and recommendations

Like the original format, a recommendation is given for adopting the technologies, with four main levels:

Adopt – A clear recommendation for our customers to adopt.

Trial – Should be evaluated in a trial project to measure the specific value for a company.

Assess – Has potential, and companies should evaluate its value for them.

Hold/Reduce – For most companies, we recommend against this technology at this time.

What we do is to evaluate topics we think to have a potential impact on IoT or integration. But we are not done yet, so a topic not appearing on the diagram does not mean we consider it irrelevant. Then, after we evaluated it, we have a relevance rating: Fundamental; Significant; Limited or Peripheral. For some we confirmed its relevance for IoT/integration, for others we found out that relevance is more limited.

We welcome and value your opinions – please make this an interactive forum and use the “Send Feedback” button in the lower right corner of every page. You can provide feedback to the page as a whole, or a specific chapter or image.

You can follow the Technology Radar by clicking the link below.