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Super iPaaS – Our vision and roadmap for enterprise-grade integration as a service 

Unlock the future of integration productivity with Super iPaaS. Learn how to solve the multi-cloud integration challenges for today’s enterprises.

Dr. Stefan Sigg Dr. Stefan Sigg

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud adoption, seamless connectivity and constant data flow across diverse platforms have become crucial for businesses. At Software AG, we understand the roadblocks enterprises face in achieving integration productivity in a hybrid cloud world: on-prem for legacy, private cloud for self-hosted apps, and public cloud for SaaS consumption. Today we are excited to announce a new category of solutions fit for today’s hybrid enterprise and ready to handle the challenges of tomorrow. Super iPaaS is our multitude of different iPaaS solutions and on-prem solutions to empower businesses to thrive amidst evolving technology landscapes. 

The Chaos of Connectivity: The Multi-Cloud Integration Challenge

Managing complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments presents several hurdles for integration experts. Traditional heavyweight integration platforms lack the outreach to private cloud and SaaS-based integration. On the other hand, lightweight integration platforms fall short in advanced features and deployment models, embracing mission critical systems that must stay on-prem. This duality often leads to integration chaos, shadow integrations, and data silos within organizations, producing unnecessary costs and production risks.

Our Approach: A Unified Solution for Integration Productivity

To tackle the multi-cloud integration challenge, we have developed a new approach that combines the strengths of heavyweight and lightweight integration platforms. Our solution, the Super iPaaS, is a hybrid integration platform that offers the best of both worlds, providing a powerful engine to build and manage easy and complex integrations.

Overcoming Roadblocks: Addressing the Three Challenges

1. Productivity: The Super iPaaS eliminates redundant work by enabling integration practitioners to reuse configurations, reducing development time and effort. 

2. Governance: Adhering to data regulations becomes easier, as the Super iPaaS provides a unified interface to manage data across multiple integration platforms and clouds. 

3. Agility: The Super iPaaS breaks down data silos and facilitates comprehensive analysis by providing connectivity across different platforms, unlocking the true value of data for decision-making.

Realizing Our Vision: Introducing the Super iPaaS

At Software AG, we are excited to introduce the industry’s first Super iPaaS, which combines the power of for connectivity and StreamSets for data integration. This integration platform empowers enterprises to integrate anything, deploy anywhere, and regain control over their integration landscape.

Available Today: Key Benefits of the Super iPaaS

Develop anywhere, deploy anywhere: Design and develop integrations with your preferred tooling (online or offline) and execute them across runtimes in any location (public cloud, private cloud, on-premises).

Central control, distributed execution: Provide a single pane of glass that enables administering and monitoring of integrations and APIs deployed across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.

Closed loop of app and data integration: Easily enable complex integration patterns that load and update data to cloud data platforms, perform transformations natively, and synchronize the insights back into applications and other systems.

Unified experience across all iPaaS components: Simplify usage of multiple iPaaS components (API, B2B, app, data, events, and workflows) through a unified experience with common user/roles, single sign on, metering, and usage reporting.

Enable composable business architecture with APIs and events: Build a composable business architecture underpinned by APIs and events that abstracts the integration layer and provides real-time value to end users and applications.

Generative AI throughout the integration lifecycle: Automate integrations using natural language​, with no IT dependency or learning any visual tool. Focus on your core expertise instead of stitching data across different apps.

What You Can Expect from Us: The Products to Deliver on the Vision

Our roadmap for the next year will continuously deliver value to today’s hybrid enterprise. With monthly releases of key features and functionalities, we’ll unify orchestration, observability, operations, and event management. These are all areas where today’s solutions fall short, and we’ve heard from customers are their biggest pain points. 

With webMethods and StreamSets, you will be able to manage APIs, Applications, Data, B2B, and Event integration in a single solution. A naturally defined one-stop-shop for enterprise-grade productivity, governance, and agility to become a truly integrated business. 

Conclusion: Unlocking the Future of Integration Productivity

The future of integration is a unified approach that can seamlessly connect diverse systems and applications in a multi-cloud environment. At Software AG, our Super iPaaS is the culmination of our vision to empower businesses with a powerful, flexible, and secure integration solution. By eliminating roadblocks and enabling seamless connectivity and data exchange, the Super iPaaS unlocks the true potential of the cloud, enabling businesses to thrive amidst the evolving technology landscape. 

Contact Software AG today to learn more about our Super iPaaS and how it can revolutionize your integration productivity in a hybrid cloud world. Together, we can lead the way towards a connected, productive future.