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TrendLab 2021: Self-service analytics networking at its best 

Read more about TrendLab 2021 – it’s self-service analytics networking at its best. If you haven’t already booked your reservation – do it now!

Fréderick Motte Fréderick Motte

TrendLab 2021 will see the coming together of the TrendMiner self-service analytics community to exchange and discuss ideas and to talk about what’s new and helpful.

TrendLab 2021 will take place virtually on September 7, 14, and 21. All TrendMiner users and partners, invited prospects, and of course Software AG stakeholders are welcome, free of charge.  

This year, attendees get to go on a self-service analytics adventure to “Trend Island” guided by the TrendMiner Customer Success team with me at the helm. This adventure will take you on exciting and enlightening excursions like:  

  • Digitalization strategy & roll-out
  • Enhancing situational awareness with analytics
  • Ecosystem & connectivity
  • Predictive analytics & predictive monitors
  • Searches & monitors
  • What’s new in ContextHub & DashHub

Through these informative presentations, you’ll gain valuable insight learning how to: 

  • Take a deep dive into your data to get the most valuable insights 
  • Achieve great business heights; hit your targets and accomplish your goals
  • Conquer your digitalization evolution to optimize your self-service analytics journey 
  • Develop recipes for success through explanations of important use cases. 

Luminary leaders

Our speakers include experts in a variety of industrial manufacturing fields, coming from a variety of top companies like ClariantArkemaVestolit MarlLANXESSBASFNOVIPROthe Shepherd Company, plus members of the TrendMiner team. Academics from the University of Munich and the Bingen Technical University of Applied Sciences will also provide their input and take on analytics and data. To learn more about the speakers, the daily itineraries, and the event itself, you can have a look here: TrendLab 2021

To acknowledge and honor the generosity, time, and effort our speakers put into preparing and sharing their valuable experience and knowledge, the team will present the TrendMiner of the Year award to the top TrendMiner use case and the game changer who made it happen.  

This event is your opportunity to expand your analytics knowledge and find new insights to lead you to a higher level of operational performance. You’ll learn about new technology and findings, meet like-minded people, and develop your business ties. 

Don’t worry if you haven’t already booked your reservation for TrendLab 2021, you still have time. TrendLab 2021 – it’s self-service analytics networking at its best. 

See you there.