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Myth or fact? Understanding IIoT

5G, hybrid cloud, edge computing, data sovereignty, IIoT – they can sound like a baffling jumble of buzzwords. Here are some myths and facts.

Bernd Gross Bernd Gross

5G, hybrid cloud, edge computing, data sovereignty – the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can sound like a baffling jumble of buzzwords, making it hard to know where to start.

Manufacturers are rightly excited about the prospect of IIoT; it can lower costs, improve compliance, reduce risk and – maybe best of all – stimulate innovation through data. But they also have questions and concerns, from security issues to dealing with legacy equipment.

So, in honor of our participation at Hannover Messe 2021, I thought I would sort some IIoT myths from the facts.

Myth: 5G is just hype

You’ve heard so much about 5G and no one seems to be using it yet. Is it just hype? Anyway, we already have 3G and 4G, which give us the capability to transmit real-time data for analysis. Why do you need 5G?

Fact: 5G gives you more bandwidth and speed for sending and receiving data, along with power consumption saving. Also, the latency of data transport over 5G infrastructure is reduced to 1millisecond. This means your manufacturing data is faster, more widely available, and more reliable for analysis.

Myth #2: Pure cloud is the only way to go

You’ve heard that the cloud reduces your IT costs, along with the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. It is scalable, enables business continuity and automatic updates. So, not put EVERYTHING into the cloud?

Fact: Pure cloud integration is primarily focused on cloud apps and shows significant weakness when it comes to connecting with on-premises, mainframe and other legacy systems. The reality is that some applications and systems will stay on premises for the foreseeable future. As a result, cloud integration needs to include hybrid use cases where on-premises applications are integrated with the newer cloud apps. The mantra for hybrid cloud is “never put all your eggs in one cloud basket!”

Myth #3: Edge computing is slow, and a security risk

Processing data at the edge might bring computing closer to where the data is produced, but it also brings challenges like latency issues and security vulnerabilities. So why use the edge?

Fact: This is where 5G comes in! 5G networks provide critical capabilities in terms of low latency, high security and reliability and supports a significantly higher number of devices. 5G enables factories to take full advantage of sensors and the IoT for asset monitoring and automation on the edge, along with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Myth #4: Hyperscalers can address all my IIoT needs

Your cloud provider has everything you need, right? It is a one-stop shop for SaaS, API integration, an IoT platform and more. Why should you go to another vendor for the same stuff?

Fact: Tech giants often copy innovative technology to fill perceived gaps in their offering – giving their customer a one-stop shopping illusion. What they are doing is locking you into their ecosystem with what could be a pale imitation of other innovators’ ideas. Digital freedom and data sovereignty are about choice. You should think carefully before being locked into a closed ecosystem.

In various panel discussions at Hannover Messe, we will discuss some of these myths and truths – please join us!