Using data to solve health crises

In an emergency situation such as the Covid-19 pandemic, it is imperative that government has the right data.

Edyn Segura Edyn Segura

Real-time infection rate numbers can help a state or county take micro-targeted actions to lock some people down until the cases subside. Monitors in hospitals can stream data to help government determine where there are available beds, or critical equipment.

Timely revenue data from retailers, banks and corporations can help government see when and where the recession is hitting hardest. Streaming information from factories, warehouses, trucking and shipping companies can give government the lowdown on locating much-needed PPE at any given time.

The power of having real-time, actionable data is never more necessary than during an emergency. Timeliness, precision and breadth of the data can mean – literally – the difference between life and death.

The problem is that the data is often locked in silos – every town, city, county and state has its own systems, its own files with critical information. The federal government is no better, and the various offices in federal, state and local government are not in sync – they are not connected. The gaps in actionable data mean it is difficult, if not impossible, for governments to coordinate their actions.

Government Integration Hub

This is why Software AG has created the real-time Government Integration Hub for use across federal, state and local government to support Covid-19 emergency responses.

The Hub, which runs on Microsoft Azure, is based on our leading webMethods platform, and can aggregate critical data from disparate systems (one premises and cloud-based, mainframes legacy applications or cloud services) to help agencies analyze information and expedite potential solutions to the pandemic.

But state and local governments are applying the technology to other situations, too, including tracking opioid crisis data and connecting integrated justice and first-responder information.

In an interview with Washington Exec, Senior reporter Amanda Ziadeh is joined by Tod Weber, CEO of Software AG Government Solutions Inc., to discuss Government Integration Hub. Watch the video here and learn how we are helping state and local government to cope with emergency situations like Covid-19 – and beyond.