SAG_Twitter_Starhub_880x440px_Mar21You probably know that data is fundamentally important for your business to succeed – and the ability to collect, analyze and act upon your data is at the core of every organization’s survivability and competitive edge.

The advent of 5G, when combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) can help.

What does 5G bring to the table?
1. Speed: Multiple times more than 4G
2. Volume: Higher density of end points
3. Adaptability (dynamic and agile networks)

It creates a perfect storm of capabilities to enable a new generation of applications - with the convergence of total connectivity, edge analytics, decision-making capabilities, solutions.

So, when one of the most progressive telco operators in Asia combines 5G with the IoT, what do you get? You get a new one-stop, managed solution that provides 5G IoT connectivity, device management, analytics for all your data (not just device data) and professional services to integrate existing or new systems to run the entire IoT end-to-end environment.

StarHub marries 5G and IoT

StarHub Limited, the second-largest telco in Singapore envisioned just such an IoT platform – one that could be used to address IoT opportunities in the marketplace. When StarHub, considered one of the more progressive organizations in the region, was the first to announce adoption and rollout of 5G in Singapore it began looking for a solution that’s quick to deploy, broad-based across its use cases, tried-and-tested and fully scalable to enable its customers right away. Its evaluation journey, plus a partnership already in the making for well over a year, led the company to choose Software AG.

Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT and webMethods integration solutions, along with a strong local team presence from Software AG, brought all the right elements together to help build StarHub’s vision.

StarHub 5G IoT Platform

The Cumulocity-powered StarHub 5G IoT platform, intelligently connects, manages and monitors millions of IoT devices deployed for different applications. It creates customizable analytics, and webMethods provides APIs to integrate with existing and new systems.

This enables your organization to significantly accelerate their IoT implementations. It is offered as-a-service on a subscription model, allowing full flexibility, instant scalability and financial prudence.

With StarHub 5G IoT, you will be able to process much more data using sophisticated and intelligent nodes, as well as to fully leverage a hybrid architecture where the edge and the core can work in unison to capture valuable events. Once you know what’s happening in every part of your business, you can understand how to make it better.

This advanced, 5G-ready IoT solution helps customers across multiple industries - including property, retail, and transport – to speed up or scale IoT implementations, boosting productivity and innovation as well as realizing cost-savings.

You can aggregate all your existing IoT applications and connected devices for a real-time, clear overview on a single aggregator platform, without a need for platform migration. New IoT applications and connected devices can also be integrated easily, which means you can acquire and analyze massive volumes of data to gain a new, accurate, in-depth understanding of how well your assets operate.

Some examples:

Public transport. StarHub's 5G IoT Platform can provide real-time vehicle tracking, automated inspection of the vehicle condition and predict potential issues of the vehicles to take precautionary measures, improve fleet operational efficiency and reduce downtime. With additional data such as weather, traffic conditions, your operations director can view and analyze these insights from the same dashboard and act accordingly to optimize the fleet.

Facilities management. Using StarHub’s 5G IoT Platform you can develop smart-building maintenance strategies to serve owners better, differentiate their services from competition or improve operational efficiencies. This is because the service can bring together separate IoT systems that manage different areas of the facility – electricity consumption, rubbish bin usage, toilet cleanliness, footfall, and more, presenting a complete picture of all IoT data.

Through this partnership, StarHub and Cumulocity IoT offer customers a new one-stop solution for IoT. For more information on StarHub’s 5G IoT platform service, please visit

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