How the API Control Plane empowers API Product Managers

Optimizing API Governance with the new webMethods API Control Plane

Fatima El Megrabi Fatima El Megrabi

In October, we introduced Super iPaaS – our vision for the iPaaS category. It cemented our belief that all integration patterns should coexist to deliver new and unprecedented levels of productivity, agility, and governance. API is a key component of the Super iPaaS, designed to simplify the life of API Product managers and help organizations in better monetizing and securing their APIs. Does this sound familiar to promises you’ve heard from other vendors? 

Well, in this blog we’d like to put our money where our mouth (a.k.a. positioning) is and show you why your API product managers, and beyond, will love API and its recent enhancements released as part of 11.  Let’s get right into it.

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Introducing API Control Plane in Version 11

The API Control Plane is the newest edition to the webMethods family. Drawing from years of experience and customers’ feedback, it aims to help businesses gain a better understanding, monitor, and control APIs in a distributed, hybrid API management landscape. It serves as a hub for API product managers, API platform providers, and API product developers to see the full API landscape with cataloging, browsing, filtering, and search capabilities, including the ability to highlight differences.

Using the API Control Plane, API product managers can observe and control multiple runtimes and APIs across different geographies. They can catalog their APIs from multiple runtimes, see the differences, compare versions, and monitor metrics. With this single catalog, they can control their distributed API landscape at a glance, identifying inconsistencies and taking necessary actions to improve their offerings. 

Moreover, they can cluster runtimes into “data planes” and access individual runtime or data plane metrics such as status, performance, capacity of runtimes, number of transactions, and more.

The API Control Plane also provides helpful charts that display usage trends, response times, and error data on failing runtimes and problematic APIs. This empowers API product managers to conduct in-depth analyses of their API ecosystem to prevent future downtimes. With API Control Plane, users can track the operational status of API gateways and individual APIs worldwide from a unified monitoring and analytics dashboard, enabling early issue identification and resolution.

Modernizing Customer Experiences with APIs

What’s Next?

This new product, like the rest of the products, offers a user-friendly unified experience across all its components through a web interface. While this product was only recently released, we have many exciting features planned to be added to it in an agile manner, such as smart alerts, runtime control, application landscape views, role-based access control, and more. 

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API management stands as one of the key five components of a Super iPaaS which is no surprise considering that in today’s world APIs comprise 71% of internet traffic. As organizations increasingly adopt API-powered cloud-first models, the role of API product managers becomes more vital. 

To build a sustainable API strategy, businesses must overcome the challenges of API sprawl by monitoring published APIs across multiple gateways and geographies and applying consistent governance across different clouds and platforms.  

The latest version of API, with its new API Control Plane, is designed to do precisely this. It allows you to see all your APIs, their versions, last updates, policies and organize them using tags. You can click into individual APIs and see versions, errors, and where they’re deployed. You can see the location, status, performance, capacity, transactions, and trends for all your API gateways. With 11, you can empower API product managers – and your entire business – with full lifecycle API Management capabilities

Experience the transformative power of the API Control Plane firsthand and explore the possibilities now available in 11.