Dr. Juergen Kraemer

Dr. Juergen Kraemer

General Manager for IoT & Analytics at Software AG

As an experienced entrepreneur and technology thought leader, his mission is to harness technology to drive business innovation and create sustainable growth, which includes co-innovation partnerships. He has written numerous articles for journals, magazines and specialist books; he is a speaker at international conferences, a strategic advisor in business workshops, and a member of the Corporate Venture Investment Committee of Software AG.

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  • IoT

    Self-service Analytics for Time-series Data

    Digital transformation is everywhere. You see it coming back in marketing, sales, HR, supply chain, finance and but also in domains such as plant operations and maintenance.  Digital transformation is opening up new opportunities, challenging the traditional methods and changing the way we think and act.  Companies are looking at digitalization to improve profitability and maintain market leadership. To do…

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