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Self-service Analytics for Time-series Data

Putting analytics into the hands of the many can give your organization a competitive edge. How?

Dr. Juergen Kraemer Dr. Juergen Kraemer

Digital transformation is everywhere. You see it coming back in marketing, sales, HR, supply chain, finance and but also in domains such as plant operations and maintenance.  Digital transformation is opening up new opportunities, challenging the traditional methods and changing the way we think and act. 

Companies are looking at digitalization to improve profitability and maintain market leadership. To do this they need to use their many years of collected historical time-series data – much of which has great potential to improve operational performance. This has often been underutilized in the past.

We can help remedy this. Join our webinar on Thursday, 25 April from 1400-1500 BST to see how analytics-empowered process and asset experts can help you accelerate your digitalization journey – and contribute to improve your operational performance.

In this webinar, Jeroen De Wolf of TrendMiner will discuss the five ways to improve your production process through self-service analytics. This allows the process engineer and other subject matter experts to analyze, monitor and predict process performance without data scientists.

Register NOW to take a deep dive into:

  • Analyzing process performance using recommended root causes
  • Monitoring the process and giving early warnings of deviations
  • Predicting process performance using historical production patterns
  • Capturing and use contextual information to continuously improve performance
  • Sharing knowledge and collaborate to improve processes.

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