Automating processes to help those in need

Learn how the department of Seine-Maritime in France improved its ability to serve citizens in need with webMethods.

Sabrina Bohr Sabrina Bohr

By automating, streamlining and integrating its processes, the department of Seine-Maritime in France has improved its ability to serve citizens in need.

To better take care of its citizens – the elderly, disabled, children, and others, the Seine-Maritime region wanted to modernize its financial information system, business and human resources processes, many of which were performed manually.

Yannick Ferey, cross-functional project consultant and IS manager at the Seine-Maritime department, said the department needed to automate and streamline the processes between finance and human resources as much as possible. But in order to do so, it needed to be able to connect and orchestrate many different applications. It needed application integration.

So, in 2007, the department issued requests for proposals (RFP) for a new integrated management solution. They chose Software AG’s webMethods Integration Server to automate financial processes (transmission of checks, bundles of documents, liquidation statements) across several finance business applications as well as the human resources management solution to automate document processes and payments.

No more manual processes

Between 2008 and 2012, the department started automating processes – in particular services that were previously performed manually like the initial transmission of checks, bundles of documents and liquidation statements.

The department initially focused on using webMethods for integrating its financial and human resources processes. Since 2012, the use of webMethods has been extended to the integration of all the Seine-Maritime department’s information system functions.

The digitalization of processes and documents has enabled the department to reduce some of its processing and payment times, as well as its environmental footprint, with fewer printouts and less circulation of paper between departments and sites.

Employee information (or scanned documents) passes through webMethods and through a signature pad before being automatically transmitted to the HR management solution.

Previously, many of these documents were printed and brought to the district pay administrator in paper format. Now, payment documents are issued automatically. In addition, documents are filed and saved in compliance with regulations and can be better traced and securely archived.

The department of Seine-Maritime intends to expand the use of webMethods to things like automated sending of mail or creating appointments in the agents’ appointment books via their GRU.

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