B2B integration with XML in the cloud

Are you creating and working with XML standards for B2B? If so, you will want to read this!

Anna Birdsall Anna Birdsall

Are you creating and working with XML standards for B2B? If so, you will want to keep reading!

In this challenging business environment, you need to be able to onboard business partners fast and also make sure that your B2B integrations support future digital business growth.

This means that flexibility and scalability are a must for your B2B network. Multi-protocol support must be able to handle different B2B standards and, for the last two years, the industry has seen a flurry of activity around new e-business standards based on XML.

The modern B2B network presents several challenges: Many-to-many communications, multiple protocols and data formats, and different industry standards. Because your trading partners all have requirements for how they want to conduct business with you, it’s important to get up to speed on these popular industry standards. These include RosettaNet, SWIFTNet, and others that are built on XML schema formats.

Open, XML-based standards help remove the hurdles associated with creating a common e-business language and process methodology so that it’s possible for you to conduct business with a wider network of supply chain partners. And to improve your company’s revenue potential – a win-win.

At Software AG, we’ve created a deep dive webinar to help address creating and working with these XML standards. You’ll learn how to:

  • Easily create XML documents for use in B2B transactions
  • Identify XML transaction types
  • Use smart processing rules to route and process incoming documents

Please join our industry experts John Wilson, Senior Product Manager, as well as David Overos, Senior Director of Product Marketing, on Thursday, August 27th, as they share the latest enhancements to webMethods.io B2B.

You can register for this in just a few clicks below.