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Siemens’ journey to better process optimization

Read how Siemens AG realized how simple ARIS is with it user-friendly dashboard, a fluid and centralized capability for process optimization and more.

Elke Bastian Elke Bastian

How does a global technology powerhouse deliver even greater efficiency, performance, transparency and achieve the agility to develop more projects faster?

That is the question Siemens AG asked itself last year. The answer? Innovative process optimization. Because ever-growing group structural complexity, competitive pressure, cybersecurity and process digitalization needs were constant reminders that Siemens needed to scale.

An increasing lack of process transparency, coupled with the growing gap between the digital and physical world, meant Siemens had to evolve to maintain its competitive edge in the market. It needed to accelerate digital business process transformation quickly. But how could it transform fast enough to quickly reduce costs and future-proof its technology architecture?

ARIS the key

After a lengthy and strategic analysis, it was clear: ARIS was the key. Siemens elected to use ARIS for Business Design & Strategy and Rollout & Change Management to ramp up its operational process operations.

Stephan Schwandner, Information Technology, Corporate Development IT Partner at Siemens AG, said: “ARIS enables Siemens to collaborate on documenting current processes and developing future processes,” maintaining stability as it continues to expand.

Siemens realized just how simple ARIS was. It had a user-friendly dashboard, a fluid and centralized capability for process optimization, virtual collaboration and streamlined agile working methodology. The company can now manage something as urgent as real-time language translation across the globe at the process level.

The staggeringly simple process propelled with ARIS was exactly what Siemens wanted: It reduced costs, efficiently mapped processes, gave results in real time, enabled end-to-end auditing support, and more.

Proof that even extremely successful companies like Siemens can even grow further with the power of ARIS.

Siemens is already discussing confirmation, process mining and robotic process automation, and the first PoCs that are running.

“Software AG was the right partner for us, as ARIS products match our spirit of innovation with developments in process mining and robotic process automation and provide the right templates for it,” says Schwandner. “Siemens is well-equipped to continue to drive forward digital process management.