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BRC rises to the process optimization challenge

How do you manage 8,000 documents covering systems, specifications, processes, and guidelines? China-based BRC chose ARIS.

Elke Bastian Elke Bastian

How do you manage 8,000 documents covering systems, specifications, processes, and guidelines?

With its vast real estate and leisure company portfolio, China-based Sichuan Languang Development Company Limited (BRC) had quite the challenge on its hands.

Employees would have to wade through reams of information to find the documents they needed, making the company’s implementation processes for HR, finance and supply chain systems difficult to perform and monitor.

Training new employees was a problem. For a theme park, or a new office complex, special training might be necessary for staff and it may involve dozens or even hundreds of people. BRC would need to dispatch various training materials, organize and coordinate the participation of business personnel from multiple departments, which was difficult to control.

Additionally, all moving operational parts required some sense of visibility and structure to ensure full communication. It wasn’t going to be easy, given the scope. The company needed to centralize its efficiencies, putting process excellence first and foremost in their strategy.

Prioritize and optimize

BRC had a plan – to enlist the elite in process management. It chose ARIS Design & Strategy and ARIS Rollout & Change ManagementARIS paved the way to making BRC’s employee training and performance easier, by swiftly dispatching all materials in such a way that operations time – and cost – was more than optimized. Efficiencies dramatically improved throughout the enterprise, filtering to all divisions. ARIS brought clarity to those complex corresponding relationships among personnel, visualizing a more panoramic presentation of the whole value chain.

ARIS drove organizational change and regional empowerment of BRC development, providing efficiencies that meant that the number of headquarters staff dropped from more than 700 to just over 300, as employees moved to areas where they could be more productive.

All functional and business departments can now maintain the visualization, standardization and control of their own processes.

Process mining

Currently, the BRC project is continuing to progress in its second stage, applying the power of ARIS Process Mining to identify bottlenecks for complete eradication, further improving overall efficiency.

See this incredible customer story and see how BRC managed to achieve what VP of Sichuan BRC, Shen Hui, himself said: “The efficiency of an enterprise depends on 50% excellent business design, 30% excellent organizational structure and 20% process platform support.”

That’s 100% process excellence achieved with ARIS.

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