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Business continuity is more important than ever

Pandemics, natural disasters, regional conflicts, and cyber-attacks – even more reasons your business needs to be resilient.

Michael Sonne Michael Sonne
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World Business Continuity Awareness Week, which ran from 16-20 May, helped to remind us to make sure our organizations, products and employees are prepared for the next time disaster strikes. 

Your business is probably addressing pandemics, natural disasters, regional conflicts, and cyber-attacks these days. And these are only a few examples of events which can impair an organization’s operations – or even bring it to its knees.  They can happen without warning, and they almost always happen at the most inappropriate time. 

Business continuity plan at Software AG

As CIO at Software AG, I take BCM very seriously. Our ISO 22301-certified BCM system incorporates an extraordinary degree of digitalization with best-practice governance processes, incident-response teams and co-location of critical infrastructure and applications. This assures critical systems are available for our customers so they can meet their compliance requirements.

Our commitment to business continuity is integral to our culture at Software AG – all to help create greater freedom for our customers. We also continually align our BCM system internally for continuous improvements. And our customers are guaranteed to get the services they need quickly and effectively in a crisis.

Here are the steps we take:

Understand (business impact analysis & risk analysis)
Having a detailed process landscape, describing our business precisely, is key to painting a picture of our company. This picture represents a deep understanding of our organization – it’s a living picture.

Prevent (strategies)
Customer needs define our scope to determine business continuity, and there needs to be management strategies in place to ensure we are protecting their assets in scope.

Understanding business processes and having this scope determines the appropriate strategies. These are defined to prevent any disruptive events from impacting our business – and yours – effectively and efficiently.

One of our main focuses internally is to back up our data. Especially with the world transitioning to a hybrid working model, our internal back-up solution is designed to meet the flexibility and scalability requirements for our current and future data landscape

Respond (procedures)

Based on our strategies internally we have established business continuity procedures, some of which include moving to cloud – which allows us to restore and recover our workloads quickly, often with a single click. We have also further established our security incident response process – before, during, and after a security incident or crisis.

With detailed planning and sufficient resource allocation, Software AG can mitigate the effects of disruptive events on our operations or prevent them altogether. This means we can help your organization to continue business as usual, even when faced with difficult situations. 

See what Software AG can do for your business to help keep it resilient and strong.