Speed up your cloud data warehouse adoption with Matillion ETL

As companies move to cloud data warehouses, the challenge is getting the data into the warehouses. Software AG’s partnership with Matillion solves this.

Navdeep Sidhu Navdeep Sidhu

As companies adopt cloud apps at a record pace, data is taking primary residence in the cloud.

The task of managing and analyzing the data is often addressed by using cloud-based data warehouses such as Snowflake. These warehouses provide the storage and infrastructure needed, allowing you to focus on running your business, and your analytics teams on delivering improved business decisions faster than ever before.

The benefits

There are three commonly cited benefits of cloud data warehouses:

1. Cost effectiveness: Instead of a significant up-front cost commitment, cloud data warehouse vendors provide low-cost commitment for entry level projects. Some of the vendors also provide huge cost savings for long-term storage for Petabytes.

2. Easy access: Analysts can access the data from numerous sources, allowing them to run better analytics quickly by simply pointing their analytics tools to the cloud data warehouse.

3. Performance and scale: Cloud offers dynamic scale and it becomes faster and less expensive to scale a cloud data warehouse than an on-premises system because it doesn’t require purchasing new hardware – and the scaling can happen automatically as the data volumes grow.

The challenge

As companies move towards the cloud data warehouses, one of the biggest challenges they face is the getting the data into the cloud data warehouses. Software AG’s partnership with Matillion solves this problem.

Matillion reduces the adoption time with a simplicity and scale that no other solution can offer. This solution has five flavors and each one supports a leading cloud data warehouse:

  1. Matillion ETL for Snowflake
  2. Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse
  3. Matillion ETL for REDSHIFT
  4. Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery
  5. Matillion ETL for Delta Lake on Databricks

Native support for each unique cloud data warehouse platform is the key to realizing value and benefits quickly. Matillion supports each one of the cloud data warehouse platforms natively and offers a tailored experience with an extensive list of pre-built data-source connectors including on-premises and cloud databases, SaaS applications, documents, and NoSQL sources.

This provides a few benefits:

  1. Support of native API and extensions of each platform. It helps developers realize the full potential of your new cloud data warehouse solution. As cloud vendors innovate and add new features quickly, Matillion’s ETL extends support to these features, enabling you to reap full benefits from the feature.
  2. Speed of Adoption – Simple and powerful interface is intuitive and is something which an ETL developer can master in a matter of a few hours. This coupled with the out-of-the box features enables developers to quickly send a wide range of datasets into Snowflake or any of the other five cloud data warehouses.

Hybrid integration

Hybrid integration is becoming incredibly important as some of the cloud data warehouse platforms add “reverse ETL” functionality. The reason is that typically, data stored in the data warehouses is used for analytical workloads and business intelligence applications like Power BI and Tableau. But as data warehouses mature, there is a growing realization that they have the most complete datasets and this data can be used for several use cases:

  1. Complementing data in systems of records: Information like a computed customer score or a derived dataset can be shared with systems of records like CRM apps to enrich the data.
  2. Operationalizing the analytics: In addition to viewing the analytics on a dashboard, the better use is to operationalize the insights. Kicking off an iPaaS workflow is a natural extension to put your insights into action.
  3. Driving campaigns and other internal requests: As more of your teams realize that the complete datasets are available in the cloud data warehouse (s), they’ll want to access that data for running marketing campaigns and for other needs, bypassing the system of records.

As data integration, specifically cloud data integration, becomes a key driver for companies going forward, you now have a great opportunity to add Matillion ETL from Software AG. By combining webMethods’ iPaaS capabilities for cloud application integration with the Matillion ETL for Cloud Data Integration, you can adopt and operationalize cloud applications faster.

If you are curious on how you can get your hands on Matillion ETL, contact your Software AG account team today or reach out to GetMatillion@SoftwareAG.com.

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