SAG_Twitter_MEME_Staying_Zen_Smartly_Feb19Your CEO is on a cost-cutting kick, and your CIO is under orders to move all of your company’s applications and IT investments to the cloud.

It seems complicated, you have enough trouble maintaining your existing integrations. New projects are being added every day; scaling workflows is a nightmare. Upgrades and fixes are a pain to maintain, but you have already invested in your implementations and a “do over” is off the table.

The pressure is on, so anything that can make your life easier would be welcome - right?

Software AG’s Cloud Deployment solves a lot of problems for the enterprise. Companies want to move as much cost from CAPEX methodology (capital expenses) to OPEX (operating expenses) as they can. Moving their apps and integration into a subscription-based cloud environment makes a lot of sense for accounting purposes, especially since integration isn’t their core competency—focusing on their own products and services is.

But what about practicality? webMethods Integration Cloud’s Cloud Deployment capability takes the sting out of redeploying your existing webMethods integrations into a Software as a Service model. How?

Cloud Deployment:

  • Gives you the option to bring your own licenses (BYOL) to the cloud
  • Provides the benefits of the cloud, such as proving the management of upgrades, maintenance and fixes as part of the offering
  • Enables developers to develop integrations in Designer and deploy them directly to the cloud
  • Supports running Java services in the cloud
  • Is secure and SOC II compliant.

Cloud Deployment is the fastest way to move existing integrations to the cloud. There is no need to refactor or redesign your integrations – simply deploy your current assets and then feel free to refactor them over time.

Easy, right? webMethods Integration Cloud’s Cloud Deployment capabilities will let you maintain your Zen. This is what we call Freedom as a Service.

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